For Sale


SOLD!!!!  MAY 9, 2008!!!


1976 Rockwell Commander 112-TC

Fly at 20,000 feet at 150 kts
in Wide-Cabin Comfort


1,520 Hours Since New!!

Fresh Annual 3/08!! Not due again until March 2009

New Leather Interior & Wool Carpet


Best Offer Takes It!!!


Call Bill Evans @ (805) 268-9161 for more info.


All the following photos are high resolution. You can copy these into your photo editor for blowing them up for very high detail viewing.

Always Hangared, this bird is clean!


Cruciform Tail
The distinctive horizontal stabilizer/elevator combination is located above the airflow from the wing, eliminating most pitch changes

induced by gear and flap extension. A seven degree wing dihedral enhances directional stability and responsiveness.

Front Seats: New rich leather interior with incredible attention to detail

Back Seats: Leather everywhere!



New Headliner: Beautiful attention to detail

The Commander has two all-metal, double-latching cabin doors with large portals designed to allow rapid and easy entry/exits for both front and rear passengers. Each door has three latch points. The center and lower latches are bayonet style pins which extend into receptacles in the door frame in the latched position. A sliding metal pin (located at the aft end of the arm rest on the right door) may be used to lock the door from the inside. Exterior door handles are recessed with a key operated lock located in the pilot's entrance door. The doors are engineered to be pulled-shut, eliminating any need for slamming like some other aircraft door designs. Dual latching mechanisms provide the door with better sealing capabilities, thus eliminating unwanted air leaks through the door frames and seals. Two cabin doors allow occupants to safely exit from either side of the fuselage should there be a need to exit the aircraft quickly.


View of Left Pilot Door...Leather Storage Pockets

No having to climb over your passengers to get seated!!

View of Right Co-Pilot Door....Notice Both Doors Have Ventilation Windows

Structural Integrity
The Commander has one of the most structurally robust airframes in general aviation. The aircraft was certified to FAR Part 23,

which has safe-life, fail-safe requirements and higher gust load margins not found on older designs. The Commander airframe has countless hours

of flight experience to its credit, with a demonstrated history of rugged durability.


Landing Gear
An exceptional feature of the Commander is the rugged design of the 'Trailing-Link' landing gear, which provides additional cushion for imperfect touchdowns (large cylinder design helps to absorb the landing load, strong bracing absorbs side loads). The gear is overbuilt to most industry standards and resembles gear more likely found on many aircraft carrier planes.

The wide-stance gear (with a gear track of almost 12 feet) makes for straight tracking while taxiing and helps convey a stable, large airplane feel. It is an electro-hydraulically operated, tricycle configuration with a steerable nose wheel controlled by a cable-pulley system. The gear retracts in six seconds, and is held in the "up" position by hydraulic pressure of 1,650 lbs. per square inch. The gear system has been tested to 33,000 cycles and has no limitations on cycles per hour.

The Commander is equipped with a hydraulic power supply unit containing a reversible electric motor-driven hydraulic pump, fluid reservoir, pressure control valves, thermal relief valve and a gear up check valve. The hydraulic power pack is located in the left forward area of the aft fuselage section, and is used to actuate the retractable landing gear.

The landing gear incorporates a back-up 'free fall' system allowing the gear to drop by gravity within 2-3 seconds, assisted by down springs. Back-up gear extensions may be practiced repeatedly without special service. The landing gear switch is located in easy reach of the pilot, with gear status lights located adjacent to the activator switch.


Strong legacy

Built by the legendary Rockwell Commander company, the 112 airplanes were the first design to be certified by the FAA under a then-new set of design rules FAR Part 23 that marked the beginning of the modern era of airplane designs. These rules are used today for New Age airplanes such as the Lancair Columbia, Cirrus SR series, and Liberty XL2.

Commanders are packed with big-airplane features not often seen in other makes of the era. Two large doors swing out nearly 90 degrees for easy access to a very roomy cabin that is surrounded by large windows windows that provide excellent ground and flight visibility for the front and rear passengers. And the shock-absorbing trailing-link landing gear system smoothes even the firmest touchdown.

The Commander singles which include the 112, 112A, 112B, 112TC, 112TCA, 114, 114A, 114B, 114TC, and 115 models are good looking airplanes. They stand tall on the ramp thanks to the massively built trailing link main landing gear. A fixed step assists crew and passengers to step up onto the wing before entering the cabin through a pair of wide doors. This tall-in-the-saddle feel, combined with a cruciform tail and a nose-low profile on the ground, conveys a feeling that the Commander is a no-nonsense airplane. Add a wide cabin, excellent visibility, and big airplane features such as a throttle console and the aforementioned trailing link gear, and you've got a comfortable and safe cross-country airplane.


HSI Slaved to Selectable Century Autopilot or VOR NAV, Your Choice


Rich Burgundy Wool Carpet....New!

Baggage Area With New Interior - Attention to Detail

Back Section of Interior...Flawless

Looking Up at New Headliner

Son, Eric, After a Thrilling Flight :-)

Once you Fly a 2-Door Commander, You'll Never Go Back to a 1-Door Plane!

Washed, Waxed, Tanks Full and Ready for Delivery! 4/16/07

Ready for a Test Ride?? Call me at (805) 268-9161 for Appt.





Aircraft Equipment & Features

Engine: Turbo-Charged Lycoming TO-360, 4-Cylinder, 210 H.P. (1,485 SN)

Prop: 2 -Blade Harzell Overhauled October, 1990 (800 SMOH)



Dual MX 170-B Digital Nav Coms

S-Tech Digital Slaved HSI w/V-Bar Glideslope

King KT 76-C Digital Transponder with Mode C

King KR 85 ADF


King KMA 20 Audio Panel with 3 Light Marker Beacon

Apollo GX 50 IFR Approach Certified Panel Mounted GPS Moving Map

Century I AutoPilot With Wings Leveler and NAV/GPS/VOR Tracking

4 Place PS 1000 Intercom

Emergency Gear Down Manual Extension

All Commander AD'S Complied with at the Factory

Electric Trim With Control Wheel Toggle Switch

Super Sound Proofing

Dual Yoke Transmit Buttons

Two (2) Tow Bars Included with Sale

Drain Left & Right Tank Sumps for Water & Sediment From Inside the Cockpit!!!

Custom Cover Included With Sale

Oil Quick Drain

Ground Service Electric Plug (Cessna Type)


Graphic Engine Monitor

Anti-Collision Lights

Entry Step Lights

Baggage Compartment Lights

3 Point Strobes

New Starter - 2004

1990 Factory Paint - Overall Ivory with Burgundy & Metallic Gold - Beautiful!

Always Hangared

Meticulously Maintained by Coastal Valley Aviation, Santa Maria, California (KSMX)

Watch Bob Hoover put a Commander through it's paces, something he would normally only do in a fighter. Click on the link below and enjoy.

Commander aircraft are certified to the more recent stringent standards of FAR 23 

through Amendment 7.  


Commander aircraft have become known as the "Mercedes" in their class due to attributes that include their superior safety, design, quality, comfort, resale value, and ramp appeal.


Here are a few references on the airplane:
1. Phil Kirkham, owner of Coastal Valley Aviation. (805) 928-7701.  Phil and his crew have maintained this aircraft for the last 5 years.
I've never held back with the cost of any "squawks", no matter how trivial. As he will attest, cost has never been a factor with me. I fly with my wife and 2 younger children routinely on long trips to Colorado, Washington and Idaho that most people would routinely take the airlines. (We beat them by time and cost; let alone on what you can take onboard) I just completed the annual for this plane and you won't have to do it again until March of 2008.
2. Judi Anderson of Sun Coast Aviation : Tel: 832-559-7388 or email:
I originally bought this plane from a Bakersfield, California owner through her in 2002. She is the premier broker for Commander Aircraft sales in the U.S. She knows this plane inside and out and can appreciate the value. She has another 1976 Commander 112-TC for sale at just under $133,000.
3. Bill Fischer of Accelerated Flight Training : 562-497-0899 Featured in the AOPA article where he trained editor Steve Ells on his instrument recertification, Bill did my 10 day instrument training (while he was still with PIC) in my former Cessna 172 (N8048L) and when I bought the Commander, did my 5 hour insurance certification as well. He has become a real friend in the process and would be more than happy to talk with you about this aircraft as well as to do your transition into it, with scheduling coordination, when you come to take delivery.
Bill can be reached at either 562-497-0899 or his email at
If you need personal references, I can provide these as well.


Performance Numbers: Click Here to see pages from the custom booklet prepared specifically for this aircraft for a previous owner by a CFII.


Contact Information

Owner: Bill Evans
Nipomo, CA 93444


Office: (805) 937-2081
Cell: (805) 268-9161
Res: (805) 929-5597
Off Fax: (805) 927-1362
Res Fax: (805) 929-5099

    Aircraft is Hangared and Based at the Santa Maria, CA, Airport (KSMX) - All offers considered. With qualified buyers, if you need a few days here to check N4597W out, we will provide free hospitality & transportation.

PS: Some have asked me why I am selling this aircraft. Reason: I just bought the AOPA Sweepstakes Commander (N112WN) from the winner, Rob Melnick of Denver, and my wife, Libby, says I don't need 2! Go figure!!

Click for larger image
2005 AOPA Sweepstakes' Commander


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